Our Employee in the Spotlight is very cool! Meet our South Shop Shear Operator, Jimmy Ryder.

by DWS Blogger | Jul 28, 2016

Jimmy has been a part of the DWS crew for 4 years and tells us he cuts as much rebar as he can while managing his time on jobs.  We asked him, “What is something about your job that most people would not know?”  He said, “How many numbers go through my head in one day, multiplying, dividing -  most people don’t understand what is behind the shear.” 

He tells us that the people here is what he likes best about Drake-Williams Steel.  He describes them as “one big happy family.”  Jimmy was born in Denver, but has lived in Omaha since the age of 2 and continues to make his home here.

"Go Big Red" is Jimmy’s motto as he is a one big Husker football fan.  Not only does he enjoy watching football, but he also likes to golf and is quite a fisherman.  He recently bought a new boat and likes to catch big fish at Wehrspann and Prairie Queen lakes in Omaha.

If you were to tune into Jimmy’s music, you just might find him listening to some the latest country music artists.  A few of his favorites are: Garth Brooks, Trace Adkins and Rascall Flatts.  Lastly, he shared a secret talent with us as he can still do a back flip.  Unfortunately, we don’t have a video of this, but we sure believe him!  

Congrats to Jimmy Ryder for being honored as our Employee in the Spotlight!