Should you get into the great field of welding?

by DWS Blogger | Jun 03, 2016
Should you get into the great field of welding? Check out our friends at Metropolitan Community College (Nebraska) in ‪#‎Omaha‬ offering a stellar welding technology program:

Hear what our friends at Metropolitan Community College are saying:


The Welding Technology program provides training in the basic and advanced skill levels of different welding processes which includes lecture and hands-on lab training under the close supervision of qualified instructors. A student who completes the program should have the knowledge and understanding of the most common welding processes (GMAW, SMAW, FCAW, GTAW, OAW, SAW), the ability to weld pipe and plate in all positions and of various thickness, in steel, stainless steel and aluminum as permitted by each individual course. Students will be exposed to standard welding procedures used in construction and industry as well as established safety standards and measures. The student should be able to use their knowledge to pass a Welder Performance Qualification Test (Certification) that is part of the major requirements of the program. Students will gain the knowledge and understanding of how to read and interpret welding blueprints as well as being required to utilize their welding skills to produce a fabricated project.