Selfless, hardworking and a new year to remember.

by DWS Blogger | May 17, 2016
Selfless, hardworking and a new year to remember. Life is full of milestones and for our Rebar delivery driver, Tim Grobeck we are celebrating you this week.  Tim has been with our company since October 2015 and really enjoys his new job here.  We asked Tim, “ What do you like best about working here?”  He tells us, “I like the way Drake-Williams Steel treats their employees.  It feels very much like a family and I really like the people I work with.”

What you may not know about Tim is that he is just one of our few employees that interact regularly with customers on the job site.  Every day, he is out and about delivering rebar and helping out with our structural division.  He describes himself as hardworking, selfless and family oriented.  We couldn’t agree more.

Tim is originally from Omaha; however is currently moving on down to a 100 year old home in Murray, Nebraska.  He spends his time after work doing home improvement on this cool home.  Not only is he busy with home improvement work, but he also makes time for his large family.  He is married with 8 children, 2 grandchildren, a Siberian husky named Shiloh, 3 cats and a fish.    

One last thing we must tell you about Tim.  We asked him, “Do you have a secret talent that you could share?”  He said, “I can still roller skate - really good.”  We think that is pretty kewl or cool? ;)  Congrats, Tim on being our Employee in the Spotlight!  We celebrate you.