THIS is what innovation looks like and our ‪#‎DWS‬ team is honored to be a part of it

by DWS Blogger | Apr 04, 2016

THIS is what innovation looks like and our ‪#‎DWS‬ team is honored to be a part of it.

Get the scoop from our friends at Metropolitan Community College:


"MCC is moving forward together with our community partners to expand our facilities and prepare students for the workforce by creating a place where business and education thrive together. These facilities will focus on training students for today and tomorrow and provide them with tools for lifelong learning.

This preparation comes through MCC's innovative approaches to learning in the Construction Education Center and Center for Advanced and Emerging Technology. All of MCC's construction trades programs will be housed at the Fort Omaha Campus to increase accessibility via public transportation and innovative curriculum integration in a new state-of-the-art facility, the Construction Education Center. The Center for Advanced and Emerging Technology promotes co-location with industry to drive training where it is needed and uncover the opportunities of the future.

Additionally, plans are underway for creating an Academic Skills Center, a building set to build on MCC's current and past successes in assisting adult learners in foundational and technology skills. The center will be the first welcoming, productive stop on our students' successful path to higher education."

cc:  Metropolitan Community College (Nebraska) and Kiewit Corporation