Congratulations to the Mortenson Construction team on winning the 2015 AGC Colorado ACE Awards Project of the Year.

by DWS Blogger | Dec 11, 2015
Congratulations to the Mortenson Construction team on winning the 2015 AGC Colorado ACE Awards Project of the Year.  

From our friends at AGC Colorado ENews: 
Congratulations to Mortenson Construction – 2015 ACE Awards Project of the Year! 

Let’s do a simple math equation: Say you need to design and build an 831,000 square foot hospital in 30 months max; and, for added comic relief, start mass excavation in mid- winter. If ever all cylinders had to fire on ‘insanity mode,’ this was it!

The project checklist: 365 beds, eleven hundred parking spaces, a stand-alone central utility plant, 21 operating rooms, including two hybrids, and two emergency rooms, a rooftop helipad and garden,  a centerpiece chapel, central courtyard, balconies at every level…did we miss anything? See for yourself!

The new Saint Joseph Hospital is the best example of ‘build it better, faster, and smarter.”  

Congratulations to the team from Mortenson Construction on winning our 2015 ACE Awards Project of the Year!

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