‪#‎TBT‬. One of the most energy efficient and inspirational office towers in America. TD Ameritrade Headquarters in our hometown of ‪#‎Omaha‬, Nebraska.

by DWS Blogger | Nov 05, 2015
‪#‎TBT‬. One of the most energy efficient and inspirational office towers in America.  TD Ameritrade Headquarters in our hometown of ‪#‎Omaha‬, Nebraska.

Prior to the construction of their new headquarters complex, TD Ameritrade housed its employees in five locations spread throughout Omaha. Their new 535,000-square-foot headquarters supports more than 2,000 employees and is one of the largest LEED® Platinum buildings in the nation.

The building features a 75,000-square-foot, open-plan floor plate that allows TD Ameritrade to easily reconfigure space to accommodate the changing needs of the company’s business units. A lawn area links the office space with a two-story pavilion that houses amenities such as dining areas, game and wellness rooms and a fitness center. The building’s sustainable features include an innovative rain-screen façade; rainwater harvesting system; solar thermal arrays to heat water; wind turbines to power lighting; electric car charging stations; and occupancy sensors for LED lighting. The energy efficient design enables TD Ameritrade to reduce its energy costs by an estimated 48 to 49 percent and make the building 50 percent less expensive to maintain.  

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