Get excited for the elephants, Zoo fans!

by DWS Blogger | Oct 05, 2015
Get excited for the elephants, Zoo fans!  Drake-Williams Steel was honored to be a part of the exciting African Grasslands Project at the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium.

Here's the scoop:
What if your kids could watch giraffes gracefully eating from the highest branches of acacia-like trees, or even meet the giraffes face to face? Imagine seeing a pride of lions lounging on a rocky hill, while rhinos graze on native grasses and a herd of elephants spend quality time in a nearby wading pool. This is the African Grasslands – an unprecedented immersive exhibit that will be the largest of its kind in North America. This is your chance to help us raise wild, right here in Omaha. To secure the future of African wildlife. And to raise a new generation with a deep appreciation of nature and its wild beauty.  More here:

cc: Omaha Zoo Foundation