Ever wonder how to operate Rebar machines? Ernesto Averalo knows how to!

by DWS Blogger | Jul 13, 2015
Ever wonder how to operate Rebar machines?  Ernesto Averalo knows how to!  He’s one of our fantastic rebar technicians & has been with us for 9 years.  Starting out as a material handler, Ernesto has worked his way up to rebar technician & trainer for new employees.  If one of our employee’s has a question about a rebar machine, just ask Ernesto!  He’s the go-to guy that knows how to operate them all.

We asked him to best describe himself.  He says, “Honest, no worries & happy.  I'm the happiest person on this earth.  I don’t worry about anything.”  If you know Ernesto, you would agree!

Ernesto was born in El Salvador & moved to Omaha in 1998 graduating from Benson High School.  While in high school, Ernesto played futbal (aka: soccer) playing the striker & sweeper positions.  Today, he continues to play soccer for a local team called “Little Blue.”

Ernesto is a father to 2 beautiful little girls, Elise, 8 and Balery, 7.  He has been married to his wife, Nuvia for 6 years.  Other hobbies include working in his yard & playing his favorite video game, Fifa 15 on his Playstation 4.  Lastly, Ernesto shared that he has a great passion for politics & science.  He loves astronomy & has always wanted to become president.  Shoot for the stars Ernesto!  Give this posting a “like” to congratulate Ernesto for being our featured Employee in the Spotlight.