Can you name our Employee in the Spotlight this week?

by DWS Blogger | May 18, 2015
Can you name our Employee in the Spotlight this week? Here are a couple clues...SHE is from Rhode Island & is a welder. Who can this be? It's our truly inspiring, adventurous new female welder, Tonie Colvin.

Tonie came to us after graduating with honors from the Welding Program at Metropolitan Community College. She received 2 college scholarships and was working full time at Westgate Elementary all while going to school to become a welder. She was the only female welder in the group & many students really looked up to her. When asked what she likes best about her job, she says that she is learning new stuff all the time. She likes watching the progress of projects from the beginning, likes all the people she works with & says the guys have all been really good to her. Fantastic!

Tonie describes herself as adventurous, tenacious, not a quitter & a lot stronger than she ever even knew. We completely agree! Outside of work she likes to go to Stockton Lake where her & her husband own property there. On this property they have a 5th wheel camper & pontoon boat. Toni’s final school project was building a dog ramp for her boat so her dogs could get in & out of the water. We have to say - quite remarkable!

Welcome Tonie!  Our newest welding member at Drake-Williams Steel.