Can you guess which one of our employees is a former Wayne State defensive lineman?

by DWS Blogger | Feb 11, 2015
Can you guess which one of our employees is a former Wayne State defensive lineman? It’s our HR Manager, Jim Ridder! He’s featured this week as our Employee in the Spotlight. Let us tell you a little bit more about him.  

Jim grew up in a football family in West Point, NE & spent time playing football at Wayne State. His Dad played for the Huskers until 1984 & Jim’s little brother, Anthony Ridder is a current football player for the #Huskers. As you can guess, Jim is a huge Husker fan! GBR!

Jim has worked with Drake-Williams Steel for 2 years as our Human Resources Manager. He takes care of the employee benefits, payroll, new employment laws, & negotiates benefits with insurance companies.  

When asked to describe himself, he says "passionate, family guy and faithful.” We couldn’t agree more. Jim has been married to his wonderful wife Ashley for 6 years & has 3 darling children - Wrigley (3), Beckett (2) & Zoey (5). If he could meet anyone, he would have to say "the Pope because he has always wanted to go to Vatican, ask a few questions & get his point of view on a few things,” replied Jim.  

Lastly, we have to share one of Jim’s coolest hobbies - He is an avid comic book reader. He loves books about wizards, ghosts & goblins. Some of his favorite books are: Captain America, Lord of the Rings, Iron Man & Wolverine. He describes himself as a “huge comic book nerd.” Nerd? We don’t think so!

We thank Jim for being featured as our Employee in the Spotlight. We appreciate you & all of our invaluable employees her at Drake-Williams Steel. Friends, check back next week as we introduce you to another fantastic employee!