A wise man once said "Safe Production is King!"

by DWS Blogger | Feb 02, 2015
A wise man once said "Safe Production is King!" This wise man is our very own Mark Cain who recently passed & received the distinguished Certified Safety Professional License. Only 12,000 people in the world hold this license & we have one of them. Let us tell you a little more about him.

Mark has worked with us for 7 years as our Risk & Quality Manager. He handles all the safety, OSHA & EPA compliance, and the day-to-day safety & quality operations at our North Plant. What he likes best about working at Drake-Williams Steel is the family feel of the company. While Drake-Williams Steel is a large company, it still retains the smaller company feel & is accommodating to people with familes.

Mark was born & raised in Snyder, Oklahoma & attended the University of Central Oklahoma. He received a Bachelors degree in Science in Industrial Safety & a Masters degree in Education. Mark is married to his wonderful wife, Kelle & they have 3 children. He is also a former triathlete & half marathon runner. While Mark is still an active guy, he spends the majority of his time traveling all over the US for his daughter's gymnastics & tumbling events - which he really enjoys.  

Lastly, we have to tell you about Mark's secret talents. We all have some, right? :) He can really play the saxophone, tenor & alto. During his senior year in high school he was the king of the band. Not only can Mark play musical instruments, but he also has the secret talent of judging livestock. He judged livestock in FFA & 4H in his town of 1500 people. Seriously impressive stuff. Mark is also active as a teacher for 4 & 5 years olds at their church.  

Let's give a round of thanks to Mark by clicking "LIKE". Friends, check back next week to meet another one of our terrific employees.