What makes a good machine operator?

by DWS Blogger | Oct 06, 2014
What makes a good machine operator? Someone by the name of Corey Murta. Meet Corey, our Employee in the Spotlight this week. Corey has worked at Drake-Williams Steel for 9 months and spends his time as a machine operator mostly working on our Kinetic plate machine. You might ask…what is a Kinetic? The Kinetic machine can cut and drill large thicknesses of plate material. It is a very important piece of equipment at our facility.

Besides working as a full time machine operator, Corey likes to watch football (especially the #Huskers - GBR!) and ultimate fighting. He also likes to watch boxing down the street at our neighbors - the Century Link Center.

Corey describes himself as ambitious, humorous & open minded. If he could travel anywhere, he would go to Florida to visit friends. Corey is originally from Omaha & continues to make his home here. We think Omaha is a great place to call home too! We thank Corey & all the other machine operators here at Drake-Williams Steel for their continued work and dedication. Friends, stay tuned as we feature another fantastic employee soon!