Building Value by Jay Stewart, Executive Vice President

by DWS Blogger | Jul 01, 2014

Today you rarely see the name of our company, Drake-Williams Steel, without the words “Building Value”.  The reason for this is because those two simple words really sum up our mission. 

From the employee’s perspective, Building Value means a lot more than offering competitive wages and benefits.  In order to have satisfied, loyal and engaged employees, we need to provide greater value.  One of the ways we do this is by investing in the training and development of our employees, and then promoting from within whenever possible.  It’s also about creating a culture that people desire to be a part of.  Our goal is that our culture is characterized by the DW7: Safe, Empowering, Rewarding, Committed, Innovative, Respectful and Trustworthy.  We believe that building a culture around these attributes will only happen if our Leaders model it daily.

From the client’s perspective, it has to go way beyond selling them fabricated steel products.  Nearly every company touts their high quality, superior customer service and competitive prices.  There’s no doubt these are very important, but Building Value requires that we go beyond that.  It’s all about solving our client’s problems, even when they may not recognize that a problem is present, or eminent.  Our clients typically have lots of challenges to deal with on a daily basis, our job is to FIRST: not create any more challenges for them, and SECOND: eliminate some of the challenges they typically deal with.  We work hard to develop and offer better, non-traditional processes that lead to better, non-traditional results.
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