Can you guess who this is?

by DWS Blogger | May 02, 2014
Can you guess who this is? No, it's not Farrah Fawcett or Goldie Hawn (although she sometimes gets this as look alikes!) - it's our Kim Harris who has been with Drake-Williams Steel for over 30 years. Kim works in the Contract Sales Division as a Senior Project Manager.

As a Senior Project Manager, Kim works directly with the customer contacts for the Contract Sales division projects. Kim started her career here as a print girl, then moved up to a detailer & now senior project manager.

What Kim likes best about working at Drake-Williams Steel is the family culture & the interaction with the customers & fellow co-workers.

In her spare time, she likes to golf, camp, bowl, play softball & ride horses. Kim & her husband, Larry own 2 horses named Ladybug & Buc & a pony named "Cody the Pony." Cute  

Kim, we thank you for being our Employee in the Spotlight & we appreciate your 30 years of dedication with Drake-Williams Steel. Friends, check back with us next week as we feature another one of our outstanding employees.